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Supporting educational equity with sliding scale rates & guaranteed scholarships

In-person, at-home tutoring & classroom-guidance for remote learning within the Seattle-area public-school system

Our Mission:

  • Support our public-school systems with supplemental in-person, at-home tutoring to keep students enrolled in their local schools

  • Provide a program that is accessible and equitable for all families

    • Sliding scale tuition with one full scholarship per pod​

  • Support and nurture our student's intrinsic motivation for learning

  • Implement and support common core education with additional arts and play-based learning

  • Supporting working families(including our staff!)

  • Protect our staff and student's health and safety

Little Hands Creations is excited to provide remote learning support and supplemental education to small pods (Maximum of 6 students) for the Fall of 2020. Public school funding is based on enrollment, so by supporting our students within the public-school system, we will help maximize school funding for the future.


LHC will provide online-learning and platform assistance, arts and play based education, with a focus on social emotional health, while upholding common core educational standards. 

Rates are based on a sliding scale with one full scholarship provided per pod. Health screenings will be conducted throughout the day, along with additional hand-washing and cleaning. Each pod will become its own social distancing bubble with regulations in place regarding mask wearing, testing, group gatherings, and social distancing. 

All of our tutors receive paid planning time, hazard pay, a healthcare subsidy​, and paid holidays

Groups will be made based on grade ranges, accommodating k-1st grade together, 2nd-3rd grade, and 4th-5th grade, etc. Our tutors will be a mix of existing LHC instructors with experience in teaching, tutoring, curriculum building, and new-hires with specifically relevant teaching and tutoring experience.


For more information please fill out the form below

Are you interest in organizing a pod?
Are you in need of scholarship assistance?
Are you able to host a pod?
How many days per week are you looking for?
Are you looking for half-day or full-day? (Check all that apply)
Will someone in your household be working from home?

Student Information

Does your student have a current IEP?
Does your student have a current 504 plan?
Does your child have any allergies?
What are your highest priorities for Fall tutoring? (Please choose 3)
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